Grail Consulting Services
  • Over 150 man months of technology intensive project management experience.
  • Collective experience of successfully implement e-government, consulting and ICT assignment and projects in over 75 countries including developing countries, post conflict  states and emerging economies.
  • Skills in application of advanced management, quality and cost control techniques.
  • Domain expertise among others in management, public sector administration, finance, banking, education, health, environment, agriculture, engineering and energy

Our Team

The senior managers, directors and consultants of the company are highly qualified and vastly experienced in the application of ICT in business, government and development domains in Asia, Africa, the Pacific, North America and Europe. Collectively they bring to bear upon the work of the organization their more than 150 man years of intensive experience with technology projects in developed and developing countries. We also have the expert resources of our strategic partners at our disposal in several specialized areas. We have within our team expertise not only in proprietary technology but also in free and open source software as well as in management, public sector administration, human resource management, project management, finance and other domain areas.

ICT hardware and software technical skills and know how in variegated technologies and platforms  including
Microsoft Visual Basic/Visual C++/,   Java 2: J2SE and J2EE,  XML and HTML, Lotus script;  Web sphere Studio, RDBS: Microsoft SQL   Server, Fox pro, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, My SQL  
OS:   Windows 2003; Windows CE, Solaris, Linux,
Application Servers:  Web logic Server, Allaire  JRun, Domino,  Web  sphere,  IIS & IIS with .Net Framework, Jrun,  Apache with  Tomcat
Web Design Skills: HTML, Macromedia   Fireworks, Dream-weaver, Flash Director (Lingo), Adobe  etc
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