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Sugar mill operations and management is highly specialized area. This ERP solution is based of the research and development work of a team of domain specialists from the sugar industry and information technology specialists. The solution is web based and modular and permits flexibility in adaptation and customization and can be easily integrated with other software products that the customer may already have.


In collaboration with our strategic partners we offer our clients in various domains and sectors ready made end to end ERP solutions which are in-variably supplied with due customization so that the developed and finally deployed solution is closely aligned with the customer needs. Some of these ready made ERP products are:

Human Resources Management:

This integrated software application is an integrated end to end solution for management of Human Resources in an organization from recruitment to training, compensation-payroll, performance and development and separation. The solution is web based and modular and can be easily integrated with the other applications that an organization may have.

Visitor Management System:

In the present day world beset with so many security concerns it is vitally important to keep track of who visits the premises of an organization. Our solution provides an integrated solution to help managers to keep track of who visits and allows for systematic and secure management of visitor flow in busy corporate and public offices. This solution is integrated with issue of visitor cards and establishment of electronically operated barriers and gates.

ERP for Banks

An end to end integrated Banking software solution that is now deployed in scores of banks. The solution is modular and flexible and includes core banking, retail banking, corporate banking, treasury solutions, Islamic banking, remote banking and ATM operations. It seamlessly integrates with third party solutions and runs on open platforms.

ERP for Hospitals

A hospital management solution that is successfully running in four continents and scores of leading hospitals. This provides an integrated solution for managing the operations of the different departments in a hospital. Flexibility in the architecture allows close customization and alignment of the solution to the needs of individual hospitals. Engineered on open-systems environment, the solution is capable of both retrieving and disseminating patient-specific data (clinical and financial) across the entire healthcare enterprise. With more than 25 incorporated modules, it is designed to the vision of the future of the healthcare industry. Its modules are broadly divided into Front Office, Back Office and additional modules and interfaces.

ERP for Schools

This end to end solution digitizes all the operations of a school. Flexibility in its architecture and its modular nature allows it to be easily customized to the needs of any individual school. This web based solution can allow remote operations and can be easily integrated with an Electronic Learning management system and other e-learning modules.

This is an integrated ERP solution that automates all the operations of the power and utility companies, from technical, billing, financial management, management reporting, customer relationship management. Using the intensive know how of electric and power distribution engineering, GIS technology, software, web technologies, financial management and utility management processes.
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