Grail Consulting Services
  • E-health Strategies and policies development
  • Business Process re-engineering and health institutional development for synergizing ICT
  • Interoperability and health information systems integration.
  • Tele-medicine


Grail in collaboration with its health domain strategic partners, provides a complete range of services to conceptualize, design, develop and implement E-health programmes and projects. This includes infrastructure development and deployment, health sector specific application design and implementation, e-health strategy and policies development, business process re-engineering, work flow and development of health sector institutions. We provide consulting and advisory services in all aspects of e-health in order to synergize ICT application in the health domain and provide services both at the level of an individual health institution and at macro level for district, provincial and national governments. Some of the major areas in e-health that we have been involved in and in which we have developed high level of expertise are health information system design, development and deployment; technical standards and interoperability for e-health, telemedicine, e-health forms design, document and content management; design and development of database and applications for hospitals and health institutions. In recent years we have also undertaken a number of projects in the application of mobile technologies in health sector

  • Strategies and Enterprise Systems for synergizing mobile technology in health.
  • Web and mobile technology tools for delivery of e-health services.
  • Health Data collection and integration using mobile devices and technologies.
  • Interoperability and integration of mobiles into the existing health information systems.
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