Grail Consulting Services
  • In collaboration with our business partners prepare business and financing plans and strategies.
  • Assist fund raising and financing efforts of our customers.
  • Assist negotiations and follow up with banks and financial institutions on behalf of our customers.

Business Support Services

Adoption of technology by the businesses and government institutions can often involve considerable financial resources which many less resource rich customers may find difficult. We assist such customers in fund raising and financing from banks, financial institutions and  investment houses at favourable terms and cost.

Even though we don’t involve ourselves with the sourcing and supply of computer and data communication hardware as independent projects but we can supply the same as part of large turn key projects. For pure service and consulting projects we assist our customers with hardware procurement process through provision of objective advice and guidance. For supporting our customers on these support services we often have within our teams hardware and procurement experts.

  • At the request of our customers can locate suppliers of most appropriate hardware and equipment for the projects that we may be executing for our customers.
  • Assist negotiations and follow up with suppliers on behalf of our customers.
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