Grail Consulting Services
  • ICT and Management Consulting
  • E-Government, E-business strategies, policies, applications and  infrastructure development
  • IT systems , Standards  and E-Services design and development
  • Organizational Development and  BPR
  • Web and mobile based applications & systems
  • Digitization & DMS and ERP solutions
  • Human Resources Development and Training

About Us

In the emerging globalised societies technology and knowledge is becoming increasingly important factor for social and economic progress at the level of national states as for individual enterprises. As an international consulting and services company it is our mission to facilitate the technology and knowledge driven transformation both at micro and macro levels. We provide services that maximize customer satisfaction and offer solutions that are tailor made to suit the  operating culture, working environment and objectives of our customers. The senior officers and directors of the company bring to bear upon the work of the company their long experience, intensive skills and know how in variegated disciplines covering among others, information and communication technologies, strategic management, public sector administration, economic and social development, organizational development and change management. Optimizing application of technology for achievement of the strategic objectives of our customers remains as our over arching goal in all projects that we undertake.

Our service offering covers amongst others, IT and management consulting services, e-government, e-business, e-learning; document management and digitization, systems integration, ICT policies and strategies development, enterprise systems architecture, technical standards and training. In collaboration with our strategic partners we also offer end to end computerization and ERP solutions for many domains and industry verticals. We develop and deploy ICT solutions based on myriad technological platforms and standards including windows, Java and open source in various domains, particularly focusing on governments, developmental institutions, large corporate organizations and educational entities.

  • United Nations Development Programme
  • World Bank
  • MCIT, Govt of Afghanistan
  • Prime Ministers Office, Govt of Malaysia
  • Ministry of Trade, Govt of Bhutan
  • Ministry of Economic Development, Sri Lanka
  • Ministry of Capacity building, Ethiopia
  • International Fund for Agriculture Development
  • Government of Lao PDR
  • Finchaa Sugar Factory, Ethiopia
  • Kabul Bank, Kabul, Afghanistan
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