Grail Consulting Services
We are presently engaged in the design and development of an online knowledge sharing platform that would facilitate e-teaching for teachers, teaching institutions and other knowledge service providers as well as online learning by students and other learners. is currently under construction and we hope it will become operational soon.


We offer end to end services for establishment of the infrastructure for e-learning at country level or at the level of an individual institution wishing to use technology in education. We have worked with several governments and government institutions in design and development of e-learning policies, strategies, programs and applications. We assist design and development of online learning content in various subjects for the primary and secondary schools in subjects like physics, maths, languages and social sciences.

For corporate institutions and training institutions we also design and develop online training courses with the content being supplied by the clients. The e-learning course development is undertaken by us in collaboration  with our e-learning strategic partners. We design and develop e-learning course ware using the international best practices and standards. The level I to IV e-learning courses are developed in various domains and sectors.

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