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Grail recently completed an intensive three weeks course for Chief Information Officers in government departments covering among others IT governance, e-government, e-GIF, IT service management.

Grail service portfolio now expands to include strategizing mobile technologies and applications; integrated solutions for banking, financial and insurance domains and digitization and imaging services and document management

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Through this website, it is our intention to provide a synopsis of our skills, resources and experience to our partners, suppliers, service providers, present and potential customers and to provide a platform for us to interact with them. We welcome communication and feed back received from visitors to this site and welcome you to our website and trust you will have a pleasant and useful experience here.

Our Company

We are a professionally managed Consulting and IT Services company located in India, project operations in several countries in Asia and Africa and partners worldwide..

In the emerging globalised societies technology and knowledge is becoming increasingly important factor for social and economic progress at the level of national states as for

The senior managers, directors and consultants of the company are highly qualified and vastly experienced in the application of ICT in business, government and development domains in Asia

The work done by the company has been of the highest professional standards. The applications designed and developed by the company have been based on the cutting edge and most appropriate technologies. There has been no cost over runs and delays.

M. Aimal Marjan, Director General ICT,
Government of Afghanistan
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